Services Provided By CFCB

The Core Facility for Crystallography and Biophysics offers services from small molecule crystallography, trough in vitro screening and biochemical and biophysical characterization to the structural biology of proteins and their complexes with ligands, including:

  • Computational theoretical studies on small molecules and their complexes with cellular targets
  • Small molecule crystallization process
  • Small molecule properties and their polymorph analysis
  • Small molecules and protein X-ray crystallography
  • Protein engineering and expression
  • Biochemical and biophysical studies on ligand-target analysis.

Most services are optional (used as a stand-alone) and the sample may enter and exit CFCB pipeline (CHEM or BIO) at any point, or as a or all-in-one service. The appropriate reports are modular for that purpose.

Please click the image to learn about the details of each pipeline.

BIO Pipeline Biomacromolecules and Complexes

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CHEM Pipeline Small Molecule Compounds

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