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Who We Are

Core Facility for Crystallography and Biophysics (CFCB)at the Biological and Chemical Research Centre, University of Warsaw was established by the project “Core facility for crystallographic and biophysical research to support the development of medicinal products” funded by the TEAM-TECH Core Facility programme from the Foundation for Polish Science, under the supervision of Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Woźniak (Manager) and dr Jan Kutner (Deputy Manager).


The mission of the CFCB is focused on analysis of proteins and small chemical compounds leading to crystallization trials for academic and commercial users. The project will enable the study of challenging biochemical and pharmaceutical problems, with emphasis on drug development and collaborations with the research groups and companies.

What We Do

The equipment available in CFCB can be used in a variety of advanced analyses and methods, in order to help with research projects requiring structural information. Some methods are more suited to the type of target molecules: proteins or small molecule compounds, belonging to the “BIO” or “CHEM” pipelines, respectively, whereas others can be used for both biological and chemical research (e.g. in house X-ray diffractometers). Most methods can be used as stand-alone services with a separate dedicated report to the customer, or combined into a larger comprehensive service. In both cases please contact us by e-mail or contact form.

Project Indicators

  • The number of persons supported with respect to R&D human potential improvement (11/11)
  • Number of foreign researchers in supported projects (3/3)
  • Number of enterprises cooperating with research centers (3/3)
  • The number of international publications indexed in the JCR list (Journal Citation Reports), Thomson Reuters (in total indicator 6/6)
  • The number of scientific degrees obtained (in total indicator 0/3)

Grant Number

TEAM TECH Core Facility POIR.04.04.00-00-31DF/17