Marlena Kisiała


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Marlena Kisiała, MSc

I am working as a BIO Technician at the Core Facility for Crystallography and Biophysics (CFCB), located in Biological and Chemical Research Centre, University of Warsaw headed by Prof. Krzysztof Wozniak (Crystallochemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of Warsaw). The project “Core facility for crystallographic and biophysical research to support the development of medicinal products” is funded by the TEAM-TECH Core Facility programme from the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP). In the mean time I am finishing my PhD under the supervision of prof. dr hab. Matthias Bochtler in the School of Molecular Biology, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics Polish Academy of Science (IBB PAS) in Warsaw with the working title “Structural studies of restriction endonucleases of biotechnological interest”.

Scientific interests

  • Modern techniques in protein crystallography
  • DNA/RNA, dsDNA and DNA modification interacting proteins and endonucleases